The new DFARS Cybersecurity Compliance Deadline is here. Are you ready?

Are you aware the next six months could severely impact your ability to secure and execute Department of Defense(DoD) contracts?

Are you aware that your company and sub-contractors must be in compliance with DFARS/NIST 800-171 by January 1, 2018?

This is because the DOD CIO has mandated that all companies and their sub-contractors doing business with the Department of Defense must be in compliance with DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) 252.204-7012/NIST 800-171.

What is DFARS clause 252.204-7012? It is the federal regulation stating that all companies processing, storing, transmitting DoD information must have the necessary security controls implemented to protect the confidentiality of Covered Defense Information (CDI). DFARS addresses the assurance of adequate security, cyber incident reporting, and subcontracts. Beginning, January 1, 2018, companies will be required to show compliance as a pre-qualification to win DoD contracts and can face breach of contract litigation if they are not in compliance. DFARS compliance is retroactive meaning companies who already hold DoD must show compliance by February 1, 2018.

The MCGlobalTech cybersecurity governance and compliance team brings more than 75 years of federal government information assurance experience and we would like to help you meet these new requirements. Below is a brief demonstration of how simple this can be understanding that it might seem complex at the moment.

Step 1: Have the conversation: Detailed explanation of the process
Step 2: Perform the Assessment
Step 3: Create your personalized Security & Gap Remediation Plans
Step 4: Issue the Letter of Attestation

At MCGlobalTech, we don’t just specialize in providing compliance assessments but also in providing remediation support and solutions that works within our customers budgets.

Contact us for a brief 15 minutes call to go over your DFARS compliance efforts and how our efficient 4 step process will get you on track to compliance.

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