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February 2021 Security Awareness Training: Email Macro Malware

As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on, cybercriminals are becoming more and more savvy with leveraging current event attacks, to circumvent one’s better judgement. Email-based attacks promising new job opportunities, or lists of rehires, are becoming increasingly common. In this episode starring Jon Lovitz as Richard, a supposed “Rehire List” is emailed to him and – being that he has been unemployed for some time and eager to return to work – Richard hurriedly opens the document and enables macros without first verifying the file’s authenticity. Debbie, a coworker, helps him discover that the email and attached “Rehire List” were malicious in nature, and helps point out a few key ways to avoid macro-based attacks. See what happens and learn how to protect yourself and your organization from attacks like this!

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