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June 2021 Security Awareness Training: Personal Data and PII

The Personally Identifiable Information, also known as “PII” or “Personal Data”, of 26 million military veterans was stolen from the Veteran’s Administration after an employee took the data home on an unsecure device. Properly securing personal data and eliminating personal data is crucial to preventing such cybercrimes. In this episode, we get the follow-up story to 603’s “Louie Louie” and see Louie Sr. and son confront Nico to help them steal personal data. After some convincing, Nico agrees and we learn more about how this trio of bad actors were able to obtain sensitive information!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Securely delete personal data and minimizing the amount of sensitive data.
2. Not using open or unencrypted wireless when sending data.
3. Where to store personal data.

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