Security Awareness

Train your Employees to join the fight against Ransomware

This training episode is inspired by Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack and will teach your employees about Proactive Cybersecurity Awareness. The hacking group “DarkSide” has claimed responsibility for the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, which disrupted fuel shipments to the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States. When your employees encounter cyber threats, being proactive in reporting them is crucial to avoiding attacks such as this. In this episode we see Jeff Winston, an employee at Provincial Pipeline, encounter a suspicious email claiming to be an “urgent” software update. Stacy Keach portrays our news anchor who emphatically drives home the message: “If you see something, do something”. This resonates with Jeff, but he is still intrigued by that email he received. Will Jeff fall victim to this cyber-attack, or will he be a proactive cybersecurity citizen?
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 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Be proactive in reporting threats.
2. Frequent security awareness training is the best way to keep security top of mind.
3. Report it immediately if you believe you have fell victim to a threat.

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