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September 2021 Security Awareness Training: Passphrase Protection

Kaseya, a supplier of IT software, became the victim of the largest ransomware attack on record. Also known as a “supply chain” attack, it spread from Kaseya to roughly 1,500 of their client companies, impacting users all over the globe. This episode opens with a young boy who is rushing his sick mother into a pharmacy in São Paulo, Brazil. We quickly learn that the pharmacist is unable to access the patient files due to a ransomware attack, which unfortunately is only the beginning to this nightmare scenario. Through the investigation, led by an Interpol Officer played by Damian Chapa, we learn more about passphrase security and the risk of supply chain cyberattacks!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1.Short simple passwords are easy to decode.
2. Use passphrases rather than passwords
3. Two-factor authentication should be used whenever possible.

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