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October 2021 Security Awareness Training: Stored Document Integrity

Wire fraud in the real estate sector has seen an ~1100% increase in recent years. Most are attributable to Business Email Compromise, where fraudsters assume the identity of the real estate agent, escrow officer, or closing solicitor. As hackers continue to invent new ways of scamming people, including using malware to manipulate sensitive documents, the number of victims could rise even further. As this episode opens, we see an escrow/solicitor’s office buzzing with anxious energy as it’s brought to Sam’s attention – as portrayed by Alex Thomas – that six of their clients have unknowingly been given fraudulent wiring instructions in one single day. Upon further investigation by Sam and Rebecca, we find out that the culprit was not the usual “Business Email Compromise”, but actually a piece of malware that scans documents for the word “Wire” and then alters the document with the hacker’s account and routing numbers. Watch to learn more about Stored Document Integrity and verifying before you trust!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Always verify information in a sensitive document.
2. Cross check again with a second reliable source.

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