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April 2022 Security Awareness Training: Catphishing

The Netflix documentary “Tinder Swindler” has cast a spotlight on CATFISHING, where con-artists use romance to break hearts and bank accounts by tricking victims into sending money. Another variety is CATPHISHING, where con-artists trick corporate victims into sending sensitive information such as login credentials or access to sensitive data. In this episode, with Jon Lovitz as Richard, you will learn about “Catphishing” in the workplace, and the lengths that “Catphishers” will go to in order to compromise an organization. Watch to learn how to proactively protect yourself and your organization from these kinds of cyberattacks!”


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Be Cautious with any offers that are “too good to be true”.
2. Fully verify a person’s identity.
3. Watch for red flags when asked for an urgent sensitive request

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