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February 2022 Security Awareness Training: Malicious Apps

Over 300,000 Android users have been hit with Banking Trojan Malware that allows hackers to steal login credentials for banking websites. The malware was installed on victim devices when they downloaded malicious apps from the Google Play app store. In this episode, starring Tia Carrere as “Heidi”, you will learn how malicious apps can infect your devices and potentially lead to a data breach. Watch to learn how to proactively protect yourself and your devices from these kinds of cyberattacks!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Mobile apps stores do their best to screen for malicious apps, they don’t catch all of them.
2. Look out for malicious apps include having few users as well as frequent update requests.
3. If you haven’t used an app it is a good idea to delete it.

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