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January 2022 Security Awareness Training: 2FA Bots

Security experts are seeing a massive increase in crimeware services available on the Dark Web. One example involves a “2FA Bot”, which intercepts two-factor authentication codes, allowing hackers to login to a victim’s sensitive websites such as banking and investment accounts, social media, and retirement platforms. In this episode, starring Joey Lawrence as HydroGen’s CEO Aaron Stark, you will learn about the various ways that crimeware services, such as automated bots, can be used to bypass multi-factor authentication methods. Watch and learn how to proactively protect yourself and your devices from these kinds of cyberattacks!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Hackers use 2FA bots to circumvent a victim’s multifactor authentication.
2. Never provide your 2FA or OTP code if you are asked, always reach out to the source yourself.
3. Use a 2FA app-based code whenever possible.

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