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March 2022 Security Awareness Training: Wateringhole Attack

A major vulnerability called “Log4J” has left an alarming number of companies and software vendors exposed to extreme risk of compromise. The vulnerability allows bad actors to manipulate data, infect systems with malware and potentially gain control of systems altogether. One example of how this attack may put an even wider group at risk is through “watering hole attacks”. In this episode, starring Robert Davi as the Vice President, you will learn about watering hole attacks, the Log4J vulnerability and how these kinds of cyber threats can be avoided through awareness. Watch to learn how to proactively protect yourself and your devices from these kinds of cyberattacks!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Use caution whenever you’re approached by an unsolicited link.
2. Keeping software up to date.
3. Always verify before you trust when it comes to online safety.

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