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January 2023 Security Awareness Training: It’s Not Just About the Money

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approach, with Twilio becoming one of more than 130 organizations to fall victim to a large-scale VISHING and SMISHING campaign. The financial, as well as emotional, damage of such attacks, can be extensive. In this episode, starring Tia Carrere as Debbie, we see how the malicious efforts of bad actors can wreak havoc on every aspect of one’s life. Watch to learn more about vishing and smishing, and what you can do to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks!


 What will you learn from this episode?

1. Always report suspicious activity to the appropriate technical or security team.                                               
2. Never install unverified apps on your phone/computer.                                                              
3. If you receive a call asking for sensitive information, call the organization back from a trusted number. Verify before you trust.

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