Enterprise Information Security Management

Business leaders must understand that enterprise information security is much more than virus protection and patch management. There are many components required for a mature, business focused, enterprise information security management program. A well-managed, robust security program can help a secure the organizations digital information and assets while driving productivity and cost-savings. An organization’s security posture is characterized by the maturity and effectiveness of the security program and controls implemented. These controls are implemented in one or more layers ranging from the facilities, to the network, systems, up to applications. Additional, controls are implemented at the personnel, process and policy levels throughout the organization.

Appropriate security policies, procedures, and processes are an intricate part of the company’s overall business management but are often overlooked. EIS Administrative and technical controls, audit requirements, federal regulations, industry standards and best practices. MCGlobalTech provides full life-cycle enterprise information security program management consulting, which is composed of a complete program assessment, planning, implementation, and continuous monitoring. Each phase is measurable and can be monitored for success.


- CISO Advisory Services
- Information Security Program Assessment and Implementation
- Enterprise Security Policy Review
- Security Controls Assessment
- Program Operational Support(Day-To-Day Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Continuous Monitoring)
- Management Security Awareness Training Development

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Enterprise Information Security

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