"Check the box" Annual Training Doesn't Work

Our Managed Security Awareness Program powered by NINJIO reinvents the old compliance-driven model. Instead of lecturing, we entertain and educate your users through storytelling. Don’t let the computer talk to your users – rather – let the story talk to them. Stories evoke emotions; Computer based lectures don’t. When emotions are present, users are ENGAGED.

Each story is inspired by household named companies who have suffered significant security breaches. See how our Managed Security Awareness powered by NINJIO works by watching this less than 2-minute intro.

Real Companies

Each 3-4 min animated episode is written by a Hollywood writer featuring a real-life company who has been reported to suffer a significant security breach. Your users will recognize most of these companies.

Monthly Episodes

New episodes are released every 30 days to keep users up-to-date on current IT security threats. Engage users emotions in the first scene of the Episode, and keep them engaged through the end.


The quicker your users completes a training Episode and completes the Quiz correctly, the more points they earn, and the higher they land on the leaderboard.  Gamification encourages engagement.


With our Managed Security Awareness Online Learning Management Platform, you get access to a dashboard that includes full reporting on who has completed their security training and who has not.

Higher Employee Awareness means Less Security Breaches

Our Managed Security Awareness is the only solution that produces a fresh piece of content every 30 days, based on a current security threat. No one else puts out the same length of content in the speed in which we do.

Watch a sample training episode

Season 3 Episode 5

The Macro
Trojan Takedown


Trojans are destructive programs that mimic themselves as benign applications. They are often found in macros contained in Word or Excel documents. One Trojan known as Black Energy was used to disrupt multiple infrastructure sites in the Ukraine, one of which was their Air Traffic Control Systems at Boryspil International Airport.

Our Online Learning Management Platform is accessible from ANY Internet-enabled computer or mobile device

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