Program Management

Effective program management is critical to keeping complex projects under control and on track for success. Innovations in procurement strategies, program management tools and techniques, evolving regulatory guidance, and increased competition and public scrutiny all require businesses and government agencies to quickly handle vast amounts of program data. This has led to the development and implementation of a range of program control tools, and an increasing reliance on an integrated Program Management Office (PMO) methodology. Proper deployment of these tools and management concepts can mean the difference between success and failure.

MCGlobalTech offers program management support services through all phases of the project life cycle. This includes initiation and planning to execution, monitoring and controlling, and successful close-out. Our team has delivered large, complex technology projects across industry and government. Our certified Program Management Professionals (PMP) combine both domestic and international project experience.


- Project Scope Management
- Project Cost Management
- Project Quality Management
- Project Communications Management
- Project Procurement Management
- Project Risk Management
- Project HR Management
- Project Time Management

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