Service Model

The MCGlobalTech Service Delivery Model is flexible and customizable to meet your organization’s IT infrastructure and security program management needs across the full lifecycle. Partnering with client organizations at the executive level allow us to help guide investments in IT and security to more closely align with management’s goals and priorities while increasing ROI and decreasing business risk. We do not simply focus on point solutions and services that may simply address immediate challenges. By working at the management and programmatic levels of an organization, we are able to identify weaknesses in IT infrastructure and security management programs that are root causes to many of the more common IT and security problems such as service outages, failed technology investments, data breaches and regulatory compliance penalties.


Phase 1: Assessment

Our engagements typically begin with a full assessment of the organization’s information security program and/or IT infrastructure management. This includes a review of your policies, processes, procedures, required standards, people and technologies. We assess your information security, IT infrastructure and compliance risk. Following each assessment engagement, we provide you with a detailed gap analysis that documents areas of weaknesses and recommendations for remediation.


Phase 2: Planning

The planning phase is especially crucial to the success of initiatives involving integrating new procedures, technologies or operational processes into your environment. Many IT and security initiatives fail due to a lack of proper planning that takes into consideration organization culture, apabilities and operational realities. We work with all stakeholders across your organization to create an efficient, operationally feasible and priorities-driven remediation and improvement plan of action based of the results of the assessment and leadership prioritization.


Phase 3: Implementation

During this phase, we manage the successful implementation of your approved plan of action to improve and mature your organization’s compliance readiness, enterprise security program, and IT infrastructure management. We help develop appropriate policies, effective procedures and practices, staff and management training and expertise and capability augmentation. Leveraging our strategic partnership network, we help drive and manage new technology integration and infrastructure migration. We help you implement business focused, cost-effective mitigation strategies for risks identified during the assessment engagement.


Phase 4: Monitor

Our Continuous Monitoring phase includes an on-going combination of performance monitoring, security assessments, awareness training, metrics reporting, and executive advisory services. We partner with your organization’s leadership to ensure continuous improvement of IT infrastructure and security management. We help you ensure that mission critical decisions regarding your IT and security are aligned with your organizational strategic goals.

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